The importance of great design

The importance of great design

At ABM we like to champion the importance of great design. What do we mean when we talk about great design? For some, it is as simple as visual appeal, and yes, whilst this is important, great design goes way beyond the aesthetic. A well-designed space will consider flow, use of light, the user’s mood, acoustics, safety, functionality, and any number of other factors.

The design of our homes, for example, has for a long time been very different than the design for our offices. There has been something of a convergence in these two lately, due to modern working trends (we can work more remotely now, for example. Laptops, mobile phones and going paperless have for a long time been changing the landscape of a traditional office layout). Now more than ever, workspaces are becoming a hybrid, a place to meet and collaborate, and the days of soulless grey cubicles are thankfully behind us. Innovative use of materials and zones to create beautiful, engaging workspaces inspire employees, improve productivity, and impress clients. See our blog on the latest office trends for more on this ABM Furniture (

How we choose our priorities when we design our spaces can produce very different outcomes, and we would always recommend consulting with a professional when investing in upgrading a space, the results will be worth it in the end. Great designers will optimise a space with great furniture, perfectly proportioned and having the right function for your space, communicating your intentions through those choices.
Again, great furniture design will consider many factors. The choice of materials, ease of transport, ergonomics and user safety and comfort, style, practicality, cost, and many more factors are at play here. Depending on a user’s priorities, their choice will be informed based on the chosen product’s blend of these priorities. A company championing sustainability as a priority above all else, and wanting to demonstrate that in their space, and through their furniture choices, for example, will get a very different end result to a company wanting traditional high-end luxury. These two briefs are not mutually exclusive, of course, you can create high end luxury in a sustainable way, but the design languages used are usually very different, and communicated in different ways. These considerations are factored in when a piece of furniture is being designed, and the consumer’s priorities are well served by any great furniture supply company, who can help you navigate these options.

Scale and Proportion: Architects and interior designers must understand how furniture fits within a space, without underwhelming or overwhelming a room.

Materiality: Material choices impact longevity, texture, colour, and ambiance. From natural woods to metals, each material contributes to the overall feel of a room.

Functionality and Flexibility: Well-designed furniture balances functionality with adaptability. In compact urban living, versatility and multi-functionality are crucial.

Ergonomics and Comfort: Ergonomic furniture supports natural movements and postures, promoting comfort and well-being.

Dialogue Between Furniture and Space: Furniture and spatial design are interconnected. Designers should consider how pieces communicate with the architecture, flow, and visual narrative of the environment.

So, when designing our space, choosing our furniture, and even when the furniture itself is being designed, a big consideration should be given to what does this design communicate to the user? What does your choice of office chair say to your employee? What does your choice of sofa say about your home? Well-chosen and well placed furniture creates structure, conveys style and personality, and uses space efficiently. Get it right, and you will have a space you love, other people love and are inspired by, that you get the maximum use and pleasure from, and which improves everything from staff wellbeing, to customer happiness, to family harmony. Nothing less than the amount of joy in your life is at stake!